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The American Bar Association (ABA, generally translated into Spanish as the United States Bar Association) is a voluntary bar association of the United States and various parts of the world, which is not subject to any specific state jurisdiction.

Within the site you can access various information such as educational resources, standards of ethics and professionalism and the general structure of the groups that belong to this organization. There is also information about the different bars that are associated, such as statistics, recognitions and specialization of each one. The association generates events around the world in order to make its members better lawyers.

That is why there is also a section dedicated to memberships and how to become part of the ABA.

The Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados seeks to exercise the profession of lawyer with the highest possible quality and ethics.

It contains guidelines and codes of ethics for legal professionals. You can even make an application to become part of the organization. In addition, you can consult guidelines, regulations and information to continue with the development of a lawyer. For this, there is a section where courses and diploma courses are reviewed.

Updates and publications are constantly made about events and congresses that are of interest to members or organized by the same Bar.

Monday through Friday you can review laws, regulations, agreements, circulars and orders that the federal powers modify or create. This applies to the different secretariats and commissions that govern the nation such as the Ministry of the Interior, Communications and Transportation, Health, among others.

telefonos You can also find the exchange rate for various currencies, consult the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and call for vacancies for government jobs.

Its objective is to set the legal minimum wages, in accordance with the provisions of the Mexican Political Constitution and the economic situation of the country. Here you will find the table of general and professional minimum wages, classified by geographic area. There is also the list of representatives of the commission, as well as the rules of labor equality between men and women.

It is the highest jurisdictional order in the country. On this site you can consult files (sentences and data), resolutions, national and international regulations and updated jurisprudence. In addition, there is access to the video library where you can find court sessions and activities to disseminate legal culture.

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